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4. Quality controls

The Plafesa Group is totally committed to achieving global quality. This is not just the responsibility of the technical or production sectors; it is the responsibility of everyone in general and each person in particular. The Group’s commitment to quality and its investment in R&D centres in all areas enables a constant improvement in our processes and services, so that we can respond to the needs and demands of our clients.

Throughout our production process, all of our products are checked in accordance with our internal control procedures and with client specifications, and there are also measurement controls of all materials, using the most appropriate tools and procedures for each kind of inspection.

4.1- The Plafesa Group carries out random sampling by batch and price of products.

Certified by: AIMPLAS (Institute of Plastic Technology), AIMME (Metal-Mechanics Technological Institute), The SCI certification agency, the INSPECTORATE and the SGS certification agency.

4.2- The Plafesa Group carries out controls at both the entrance and exit of products on line, concerning dimensional tolerances and technical supply conditions:

– Adapted to meet the needs of each client

– With continuous measurements of thicknesses, widths, etc.

– With inspections of surfaces, aspects, finishes, etc.

– Other miscellaneous controls.