1. Logistics

Aware of the incredibly important role that logistics plays in the satisfaction of its clients, the Plafesa Group considers it to be a decisive factor in profitability, which links the needs of the current market and the operating activity of the Group’s companies.

Logistics play a central role in service by supporting the operations of the production and marketing departments, thereby providing a major added value and business opportunity. The Plafesa Group sees logistics, combined with all commercial action, as a strong tool with which to create loyalty in our public thanks to the greater value that the final product acquires.

The objective of our service standards is to fulfil all the expectations of our clients, focusing especially on stocks availability, the speed and ease of deliveries, compliance with deadlines, quality in the documentation provided and in the associated flows of information, so that the present and future profitability of the company is maximised in terms of cost and effectiveness.

Therefore, thanks to an appropriate logistics policy, competitiveness will be increased and the profitability of the Group’s companies will be improved as key elements for the Plafesa Group to successfully build relationships with companies from all over the world.