The Plafesa Group, through its already established steel service centres, provides integral solutions in flat steel products for the automotive, white good, energy industrial and construction sectors; these are very diverse fields with different specific needs, but all of them have highly demanding requirements and require high quality. The Plafesa Group offers logistics solutions to suit clients’ needs, always providing ongoing monitoring for the continuous improvement of their products.

Automotive sector

The automotive sector is a strategic branch of the European economy and has become one of the fundamental pillars of Spanish industry. The Plafesa Group cannot ignore this phenomenon and therefore has a clear commitment to a strong presence in the sector.

Spain also began to position itself in the sector due to the fact that leading foreign companies were visiting Spain to establish themselves, both because of labour costs and the existence of qualified labour and its geographical location.

Since then Spain has seen major economic and industrial growth that has been very beneficial for Spanish industry, making Spain one of the leading global countries in the sector today.

Therefore, many of the leading global automobile manufacturers have production centres in Spain.
Statistics confirm the importance of the sector in Spain. Spain occupies second place in the production of vehicles in Europe and is twelfth in the world, being the leading European producer of industrial vehicles.

The strength of this sector is due to productivity, qualified labour, the modernisation of factories, major investment in R&D&I, the creation of technological centres and competitiveness in the components industry and ancillary industries.

It is in the latter where Plafesa plays an important role in this sector, where it provides the raw materials (steel) that are used for the manufacturing of vehicles. Plafesa has highly dynamic production plants that are continuously improving to adapt to meet the needs of the automotive industry, the main clients of our company.

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Electrical appliances/white goods

The contribution of the Plafesa Group to this sector includes the distribution of the right high-quality materials to ancillary industries for the manufacturing of all types of white good products, providing the quality for their correct maintenance and durability including everyday items such as washing machines, dishwashers, heaters, dryers, ovens, fridges, etc. and other larger items such as industrial filling machines and refrigerated chambers.


The dynamic and innovative energy sector has a strong ally in the Plafesa Group. Our technical team collaborates with the companies in the energy sector when they need to choose the ideal materials with proven reliability to develop elements that simply must work, on many occasions withstanding very rigorous and extreme weather conditions.

Energy is the keystone of the progress and development of the world. Energy consumption is constantly growing and will continue to grow in a future that is already here. In parallel with this development, this means that the power generation unit industry is expanding strongly and is growing at the same rate as energy demand. Energy is synonymous with progress and development, and Plafesa tries to evolve in the same way.

The Plafesa Group collaborates on the implementation and construction of all the parts that comprise each of the elements of this entire universe of parts that are required to supply the world with sufficient clean and renewable energy and respecting international agreements and environmental regulations. To do this we supply our specialised materials for this type of industry, elements that can be found in any field of this sector, such as high-quality power generation units, solar panels, wind generators, heating, burners, chimneys, expansion basins, datacentres, etc., which are required so that the electricity/energy service is not interrupted.

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Industrial sector

The Plafesa Group provides large-scale solutions with high added value in transformed steel for the industrial sector in general: aeronautics, railways, shipyards, chemicals and petrochemicals, telecommunications networks, the food industry and the metal-mechanical and electricity industries themselves.

Actually, we could say that all other production and service sectors depend to a large extent on the equipment, technology and innovation of the metal industry for their growth and development.

The Plafesa provides all its expertise and experience in this field and in the appropriate materials for the construction of boilers, metallic furniture, pipes, etc.

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Numerous national and overseas construction companies trust the products provided by the Plafesa Group. Our quality can be seen in the wide range of solutions used in this industry with which we have had experience since our beginnings and is shown in the trust that our clients have placed in our Group.

Steel is used in structures for various construction systems based on a set of cutting-edge construction techniques and materials. It is because of all these qualities that it is used in the construction sector, where we can see it in a multitude of components such as beams, columns, metallic structures for buildings, bridges, ships, warehouses, meshes, etc.

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