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The Plafesa Group uses leading brands, which over the years have provided us with the quality, security and trust for the continuous growth of our already long voyage. The Plafesa Group, being aware of the great demands of the market, invests year after year in information technology as the basis for the growth of each of the company’s processes, making them faster and providing them with a guarantee of quality in all the creation and distribution phases of the product. Thanks to this commitment by the Plafesa Group to its group of IT professionals and to the collaboration with various software and hardware manufacturers, Plafesa intends to be at the cutting edge of technology and give added value and guaranteed quality to all of our clients.

The dream of any professional is to see that his work makes sense and is used to achieve objectives and aims that the company and the market demand.

Based on our IT and R&D&I departments and their full cooperation, we have been able to create management and control systems for our processes with different score cards and configurators that allow us to control all the production and distribution phases and thereby take the appropriate measures to improve them to meet the requirements demanded by the modern market. All of this investment in technology, human resources and cooperation are the pillar of growth of our company, a process of continuous change that also enables the group of professionals that make up these departments to feel involved and compensated for the hard work they have done over the years.

In our IT department we know perfectly well where the market is heading and we try to ensure that all of our processes are on the same track. The ability to access information from any location and platform is the basis for knowledge, but the correct use of this ability is even more necessary nowadays in order to understand the market and take the right decisions at all times and in all situations. Because of this, at the Plafesa Group we are working hard to manage all this information in the most effective way.