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Structural steels

These steels are coated with a layer of zinc through a galvanising process in a hot bath. This type of steel has a shiny surface. These steels offer resistance to corrosion and are very suitable for forming.

They can be found in electrical appliances, both in white and brown goods, in the construction sector in doors and doorframes, metallic roofs, etc. They can also be found in aviation systems, air-conditioning equipment, etc.

EN 10346 2015 EN 10326 2004 EN 10147 2000 EN 10147 1991 DIN 17162/2 NF A36-322 BS 2989 ASTM A653
S220GD +Z S220GD +Z S220GD +Z S220GD +Z FeE 220 G StE 220-2Z C.230 Z22 G CS Type B
S250GD +Z S250GD +Z S250GD +Z S250GD +Z FeE 250 G StE 250-2Z C.250 Z25 G SS Grade 230
S280GD +Z S280GD +Z S280GD +Z S280GD +Z FeE 280 G StE 280-2Z C.280 Z28 G SS Grade 255
S320GD +Z S320GD +Z S320GD +Z S320GD +Z FeE 320 G StE 320-2Z C.320 SS Grade 275
S350GD +Z S350GD +Z S350GD +Z S350GD +Z FeE 350 G StE 350-2Z C.350 Z35 G HSLA Type A Grade 340
S390GD +Z S390GD +Z
S420GD +Z S420GD +Z
S450GD +Z S450GD +Z
S550GD +Z S550GD +Z S550GD +Z S550GD +Z FeE 550 G C.550