The Plafesa Group is to collaborate with the Valencia Community’s dual training programmes from next year 2017-2018. This will be arranged through its company Ibersteel, based in Sagunto.

The project will be sponsored by the Spanish subsidiary of the German multinational ThyssenKrup, in Sagunto, with the collaboration of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The training to be given is known as “dual professional training”. This is a German education model which, according to the analysts, has contributed to creating specialised and effective technical jobs and has already been progressively implemented in several Spanish Autonomous Communities.

This training system perfectly coordinates theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom and practical experience obtained in the workplace.

One of the Plafesa Group’s strategic objectives in its Human Capital policies is to develop the technical skills of all of its collaborators. Once again, the company proves its commitment to the efficiency and quality of its operations to the advantage of its customers, whilst expanding the business project it embarked upon over 30 years ago now.